Pym Rae Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa Valley, California

Founded by Sara and Jonah Beer in 2014 (with Sara in the role of winemaker), Pilcrow marks a return to the proportionality of Napa Valley before size and weight trumped patience and craft. The fine-wine ambition that drives Pilcrow makes the clear expression of terroir an absolute and an ideal.

The 2014 Pilcrow Cabernet Sauvignon is the inaugural offering from this boutique winery. The wine showcases a neo-classic style and weight of some of the original wineries of the Napa Valley, and Mt. Veeder specifically. This wine combines the mountain generosity of the AVA with the quiet elegance of old-Napa winemaking - which is to say that Sara uses little new oak, refrains from extended maceration and manages cellar protocols to be more reductive.

Blackberry, plum, herbs and rose petal are all hallmarks of the variety, which is a great foil for the Mt. Veeder AVA - at once small-yielding and cool, thanks to its proximity to the influences of the bay. The Pym Rae vineyard is very typical of Mt. Veeder, with ancient seabed soils with huge tracts of blue slate. The altitude of Pym Rae’s upper blocks and the non-irrigation of the vines layers a terroir-specific signature over the varietal’s traits. One finds more plum and discovers violets and a salinity akin to crushed rocks. Pilcrow delivers a wine of high, natural acid, low pH and moderate alcohol.