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La Morra, Italy

The Azienda Agricola Crissante Alessandria is located in Santa Maria's Roggeri village in the municipality of La Morra with about six hectares of vineyards that produce Barolo from three different crus making three diffent Barolos; "di comune di La Morra," "Galina" and "Capalot."

The winery was founded in 1958 when Crissante Alessandria, the son of winemakers, together with his wife Teresa, decided to make wine from the grapes in the family owned vineyards, grapes which until then were sold to the important cellars of the Langhe. Within the underground walls of the Roggeri farmhouse in the Santa Maria region of La Morra, Crissante produced his first Barolo from the Nebbiolo grapes from the Roggeri and Capalot crus with traditional refining in 25 quintal Slavonian oak casks. Over the years the company grew, new vineyards in excellent positions of the municipality of La Morra were purchased and the separate vinification of the Capalot and Roggeri crus began in the eighties, followed by the Galina cru in 2007, gradually renewing the wood in the cellar to obtain an appropriate balance between barriques, tonneaux barrels and classic medium-size casks.